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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Trash to Treasure (Updated 8/12)

Could it be that another plot of land where cars go to die is going to be resurrected? This morning, I noticed that the fenced-off lot a few doors north of Be Bar and south of Azi's has been emptied of its automobiles (many of which historically lacked tires and were missing windows). Located next to a building already for sale and on a block that's really seen major renewal in the past few years, perhaps this parcel will soon be on the market and/or see new construction.

Drew submits this photo today (8/12/08) showing that the trailer has now been demolished.


Anonymous said...

one less crime magnet gone. rr446

Anonymous said...

Wow, after seeing the space cleared out, it is a really big one!! that lot would allow a pretty big in-fill development!

Drew said...

Yep anonymous at 12:15.

Since inquiring and discovering the building next door is listed at 1.5 million, it would seem the best use would be to nab both parcels... the one with the old building and the empty lot... and it could be a wondrous in-fill development. I vote for Abdo condos with retail on the ground floor... how about another restaurant in Shaw!

Though, I'm sure once they both are for sell Douglas will swoop in, buy them, remodel them, and then leave them "fixed up" for lease asking astronomical prices until FedEx/Kinkos decides 9th street deserves its business.

Anonymous said...

Drew, love the idea! Abdo is so high quality....the empty lot must be at least 3 rowhouse widths...?

Anonymous said...

The roses in front of the fence are fabulous.

ML said...

It is so great to see this lot emptied out.

A few months back I recall seeing a worker re-mortar the side of the building to the north - pieces of which had crashed through the rear windows of some old Mercedes that were on the lot. These cars had been left in that condition for a long time. Whomever was running that car place probably hadn't been doing much legit business.

I too hope someone like Jim Abdo throws his hat into the ring on 9th street and buys it. He would probably be more motivated to build fairly quickly and move units at going market rates to cover his costs.

I'm glad Douglas is developing in the neighborhood too, as it will bring in people/business eventually. Though he is so big at this point he's able to buy, build (or not), ask above market prices, sit on it and just wait for the market to come to him. All the while we get empty rehabbed buildings (best case) or empty shells no one can seem to afford. Wish he was more motivated to bring in people/business in the short-term.

Of course I'm not glad that Douglas is able to sidestep paying the higher tax rate for vacant properties in some cases, thanks to his buddies at the Wilson building - Jack Evans campaign headquarters on 7th and NY Ave. being a current case in point.

Mr. Q said...

Thanks for the update...keeping our fingers crossed something is really going to happen there...its already a huge improvement w/ the cars gone...