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Monday, March 17, 2008

Wings to Fly

Drew submits this photo and report that used car lot Wings Motors, located at 9th and P Streets, NW, is being evicted today. U.S. Marshals are presently overseeing the removal of the cars and the trailer. This car lot -- with its chain link/barbed wire fence, assortment of used cars (and other items, like a portable hot dog stand, I believe?), ripped banners, and ugly trailer -- has been a long-time eyesore on the block and is a low use of a valuable, visible property, so I'm thrilled to see it go. Woo-Hoo!!!!As previously reported, this property is currently for sale for $550,000. This prime corner lot is listed with Tony Lofrumento of Randall Hagner Real Estate. Here's to hoping it changes hands soon and a beautiful new development goes up in its place!

1 comment:

poo poo said...

it's about friggin time!

that car lot was one of the reasons i didn't buy a nearby house in 2004.