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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Design: Modern Trellises

A while back, I mentioned that the ReNewShaw headquarters is due for a major backyard landscape overhaul. One element of the anticipated design (yes, sadly the project's still in the design phase) is the installation of a large trellis on a party wall that runs along 20 feet of the backyard. The idea is to have a modern looking structure flush against the wall on which a vine (probably wisteria) can grow. It needs to look cool and be a focal point yet not overpower the backyard.

While it's probably way out of our budget, I recently came across this vendor of cool trellises (and other fence, screen, and garden structures), Lattice Stix. I have a feeling that we'll probably ultimately go with a simple, DIY, large grid, wood or metal pattern, but I really like the look of many of Lattice Stix's designs, and think they'd look great in a contemporary backyard setting.

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