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Friday, July 29, 2011

Construction Imminent at Long Vacant Ninth, Q and Rhode Island Properties

A few weeks ago I noticed permits in a window of one of the long-vacant properties at Ninth and Q Streets and Rhode Island Avenue (which, as you may recall, sold last November, and which were once known for the murals that adorned them).  Today, Mr. Q Street News sent me a photo evidencing that fencing has just gone up, so it seems construction is imminent!

Word on the street is that the properties are going to be gutted and fully restored into residential units.  I've heard the Rhode Island Avenue frontage might have ground floor retail.


BP said...

The builder confirmed a few weeks ago that it will be three condos, two facing Q street and facing RI Ave on the lower level will be retail and the third condo on upper level.

Shaw Rez said...

BP -- to clarify, 3 condos total: 2 facing Q, 1 on the upper floor facing Rhode Island, and then ground floor retail facing Rhode Island?