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the blog
I started this blog in November 2006.  One of the reasons I began blogging was to give myself a reason to learn about all of the great things the neighborhood has to offer. From the beginning, my main focus has been promoting Shaw as a great place to live, work, play, shop, and dine.

Geographically, I write mostly about the area north of Massachusetts and New York Avenues, south of V Street, east of Eleventh Street, and west of New Jersey Avenue. 

the name
I originally named the blog “remaking le slum historique,” a name inspired by a mural near my house that read “bienvenue a shaw, slum historique.”  The Shaw that I knew was not a historic slum, yet I thought the mural probably captured the negative view of the area held by insiders and outsiders alike. So I wanted to change that downbeat impression through this site – thus the name remaking le slum historique. 

In a month's time, I realized I didn’t like the use of the word “slum” in a blog devoted mostly to positive things about the neighborhood, so I decided to change the name. I landed on the name renewshaw for a couple of reasons.  First, I want this blog to be an advocate for renewing the neighborhood – renew Shaw, people! Second, the area undoubtedly experienced decades of disinvestment, and what I write about is the rebirth of the area, so I write regarding (“re:”) the new Shaw, which is a diverse, amenity filled, and wonderful neighborhood to know.

Since then, the mural has been painted over, and the long vacant building it adorned has changed hands.  It will be renovated and given new life as a row home.

I’m a 30-something North Carolinian transplant. I live in Shaw with my amazing better half of 7+ years and our two mutts (check em out to the right... cute, huh?).  I’m a lawyer by day and I'm an owner of the restaurant Beau Thai (1700 New Jersey Avenue, NW) by day and night and weekend.  I serve as chair of the board of Shaw Main Streets and find myself in various volunteer roles in and out of the neighborhood.  I like yardwork, urban revitalization and urban design, architecture, food, running, and, apparently, blogging. I dislike champagne, cats, and most reality t.v. competitions.

renewshaw provides an excellent forum to reach a targeted group of people, and advertising opportunities abound. Contact me at for options and pricing.