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Monday, April 04, 2011

Spotted: Project Sign at Eighth and P

This weekend, I spotted a sign at the northeast corner of Eighth and P -- currently a surface parking lot that's part of Metropolitan Development's Kelsey Gardens/Addison Square assemblage -- advertising a "Future Project of Capital City Real Estate" at that corner.  Capital City Real Estate's website does not mention this upcoming project, but shows a portfolio of very well executed developments (like this one at Fifteenth and Swann). 

I've circled the Eighth and P component of Metropolitan Development's plan
Metropolitan Development planned for this lot to include townhouse styled condominiums. According to an InTowner article from 2008, "According to Historic Preservation Office (HPO) staff reviewer Steve Callcott’s report and recommendation, 'These row houses would be three-stories above partially-raised English basements and traditionally styled in variations of vernacular Victorian row houses with brick fa├žades, projecting bays, bracketed cornices, and elongated windows and doors capped with precast or brick lintels.'”

I have been unable to find any details about Capital City Real Estate's involvement with the corner parcel. If I had to guess, I'd say they've partnered with Metropolitan Development or bought off this portion of the Kelsey Gardens project and intend to execute the approved plans. Of course, they might intend to start over and develop another beautiful Capital City Real Estate project on this prime piece of land directly across from the upcoming CityMarket at O.  Whatever the future holds, I'm excited that this corner seems to be inching toward being occupied again!  I'll be sure to report on anything I learn.


IMGoph said...

very promising, based on past work!

Q-Street said...

Someone presented at the February ANC 2C meeting regarding this project and the summer groundbreaking. The impression that I got was that it was still very much in conjunction with MetDev.

Either way, I think Capital City RE has done some tremendous projects. 1821 15th street is just about the most beautiful example of new construction in DC.

I think it's a great thing they're involved, and thank god SOMEthing is moving along with this project.