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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Buy Me: M Street Flats

Thanks to tipster Travis for alerting me to the newly-on-the-market M Street Flats at 444 M Street, Northwest. Community Three Development is responsible for executing the primely located ten unit condominium redevelopment project.

444 M previously was a scourge on the community. When Community Three Development purchased it, the building was in bad shape: there was structural deterioration due to roof leaks, a fire, and flooding in the basement, and attempts at renovation by a prior owner left the building gutted to the party walls and missing portions of the rear wall and roof. Community Three Development has transformed the building into an asset to the community, and I look forward to welcoming its lucky new residents.

You may recall that Community Three recently delivered the beautiful mixed use project in the 1300 block of Ninth Street known as The Nine (its residences are sold-out now).


Anonymous said...

Looks like they are doing a nice job on this place. Have you seen the new front stair they installed? Looks amazing. I heard they were already half sold out.

Anonymous said...

I just bought here! I'm looking forward to moving in. I hear that they only have about 3 units left.

Shaw Rez said...

Anon on 3/2 -- Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Bought here as well! Can't wait to move in! I think they sold the first seven units in under two weeks. Any word on construction progress?