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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eleventh Street Residential Boom To Continue

Back in August, I reported that a one story building with a stone facade at 1511 Eleventh Street was for sale. The listing is no more, and I recently came across this (PDF) HPRB Staff Report on the plan for the former carpet store. The report summarizes the applicant's plans as follows:
The proposal calls for demolishing the non-contributing garage and removing a side and the rear wall of the building, as well as the rear portion of the roof that shows evidence of structural failure. The new building footprint would extend approximately 55 feet into the lot, and three additional floors added on top. The project would incorporate the architecturally-significant façade, structurally stable portions of the roof, and party walls as integral components of the design. The windows and transom will be retained and the existing door replicated. The new structure will rise to forty-six feet in height in the same plane as the historic façade. The addition’s roof will have a deck enclosed by the building’s parapet walls, accessed by a penthouse. The façade design will use traditional building materials found throughout the historic district such as brick, precast stone, decorative metal panels, and double hung windows with transoms. The classically-inspired design will create the appearance of monolithic brick pilasters enframing a bank of windows with spandrel panels, all set atop the existing building which would serve as the compositional base.
It sounds like the resulting condominium project will be like its neighbor, The Providence, with the historic, low slung facade restored and several stories rising above it.  The architects, SGA Companies, have designed some beautiful buildings, like Butterfield House on Capitol Hill.  I imagine this project will likewise be very high quality and enhance the booming Eleventh Street corridor.

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Brandon Green said...

What an exciting improvement! I'm looking forward to seeing it.