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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Our Tulip Project in Bloom. . . and a Contest

As you may remember, a group of us planted roughly 800 tulips, supplemented the soil with nutrients, and mulched 32 tree boxes on Ninth Street between N and Rhode Island Avenue last fall (we'll do a similar project this fall on Ninth Street north of Rhode Island Avenue). The bulbs have finally started blooming en mass and have added some beautiful color and life to the streetscape.

To memorialize this humble enhancement, I'm putting out an all call to photographers and wannabe photographers in the reading area: I encourage you to take photos of the new tulips on Ninth Street and to submit your photos to the ReNewShaw Flickr Group. I will crown the taker of my favorite photo with a $25 gift certificate to Old City Green and a posting of the photo in the right hand side of the web page.

So take advantage of the gorgeous weather, take a look at the product of our fun but hard work from last October and snap a shot of the uplifting effect of these new blooms!


Shaw Rez said...

Also, if you note any tree boxes that could use additional bulbs this fall, please let me know so we can supplement. Some tree boxes have fewer tulips than they should for a variety of reasons (e.g., a truck ran over one tree box in the 1400 block).

LifeOnTheEdgewood said...

Beautiful!!! I wondered who did this and I appreciate your hard work they really look great.

Christina said...

really great work! Tulips bring a smile to my face :)