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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

1543 Eighth Sold

According to the Real Property Sales Database, 1543 Eighth Street sold on March 18, 2010. The long-vacant property formerly belonged to Shiloh Baptist Church, which sold the caddy-cornered vacant property last year. Congratulations and thanks to the members and leaders of the church for selling both of its vacant properties on Eighth Street!

I recently spotted new fencing erected around 1543 Eighth, as well as the arrival of a porta-jon. The rumor I have heard is that the new owner intends to renovate the property into a single family home. I can't wait to welcome our new neighbors to the area!


KStreetQB said...

Met them two weeks ago. Really nice young couple. Hope the renovation goes well for them!

Anonymous said...

I also met them ... great couple and a great addition to the neighborhood. I have lived near the corner of 8th and Q for over 10 years ... for the first time we now have the entire corner occupied. Both 1543 and 1600 are under full renovations, while 1601 (aka the Green House) is being renovated as well (while the owner occupies, so probably will be a slower project). Great news for the neighborhood!!