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Friday, April 09, 2010

"Here or There" Art Project Seeks Residents' Collaboration

An interesting art project is about to hit the streets of Shaw soliciting items from residents to become part of an art installation. The following description is from the project's leaders:

"Here or There," the name of the upcoming art installation, was conceived by an artist, architect and real estate developer, all of which work locally in the area. This unusual collaboration explores value in the community; the value of art, space and commerce. Ultimately, the installation will consist of mementos and objects from residents of the Shaw and U Street neighborhoods that show how these residents make a living.

In order obtain these items, the team will provide 100 bags to homes along the Ninth Street corridor from U Street to N Street today (Friday April 9) by leaving the bags at doorsteps along the way. These bags will then be retrieved on April 12 to be assembled for display.

The path of the bag distribution is guided by the locations of the installation. The initial installation will take place April 19 in the retail space of Moderno, a mid-rise residential building at Twelfth and U Street, developed by one of the members of the team. The collection of items will follow a path to the second and final point, Long View Gallery at Ninth and N Streets. The installation will be displayed in the gallery at the beginning of May.

Each bag provided contains a Shaw Buck (pictured). The Shaw Buck is a community currency created for the purpose of this art process and installation. In exchange for a personal memento or object, residents may redeem the Shaw Buck at a handful of local businesses for discounts or gifts.

Check out the Pop Up Gala Website for more information on the Here or There project as developed by Team WORK as well as the Pop Up project as a whole:

This project is sponsored by the Cultural Development Corporation (CuDC). CuDC is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC that creates space and builds the capacity of artists to prosper within that space.

CuDC ensures the continuing creation of affordable spaces for artists to live and work. Each year CuDC serves 5,600 artists, 75 arts organizations and touches over 150,000 greater DC metro area residents by providing space, funds, knowledge, marketing, advocacy and presentation opportunities.

Through programs, such as Flashpoint, Source and the Creative Communities Initiative, CuDC works with artists and arts organizations to build the creative infrastructure that fuels the arts and economy in Washington, DC.

Interesting, right?! I look forward to posting more about this project soon.

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