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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Row Home Reno: Existing Floorplans

Last October, I introduced a new series documenting a friend’s renovation of a Shaw row home. Since my first posting, my friend has been busy working with his architect, but there has been little tangible progress on which to report. My friend informs me that architectural drawings are nearing completion for the complete gut/overhaul of the house, and that pulling permits should commence by month’s end.

I last showcased some photographs of the current conditions of the house and generally described its lackluster aesthetics and flow. Below I present to you the existing floor plans.

The Basement Level

The basement is unfinished and is, essentially, a clean slate for creating a rental unit. Like the upper two floors, there are windows on the front and on one side elevation. The entrance is below the front porch of the house. The basement's ceilings are low (about seven feet).

The First Floor

A covered front porch presents an outdoor living area on arrival at the house. Currently the only way to access the porch from inside the house is via the front door. The front door opens to a foyer with a narrow staircase leading to the second level. The first floor has a living room, a dining room, a small kitchen (note the awkward placement of the refrigerator in the middle of the room), a full bath, a utility room, and a den. The den is very much disconnected from the rest of the floor.

The Second Floor

The second floor boasts four bedrooms and only one full bathroom. It feels very choppy and haphazard, with closets appearing as if they were added as an afterthought to bedrooms and a meandering hallway connecting the front bedroom to the back bedroom.

My friend's plans are phenomenal, and I cannot wait to post them once approved. As teasers, the exterior will look as though it has been around for a hundred years and will be stone and brick (some homes in the Dupont area on Q Street are indicative of how it will look). The interior will be very modern, bright and open, yet cozy with natural materials, fire places, and glass.


Clay said...

Awesome. I can't wait to see the plans!

Anonymous said...

4 Bedrroms and ONE bathroom..!! APSOLITE