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Friday, February 05, 2010

Snow Miscellany

In light of the major snow storm afoot, the Mayor declared a snow emergency that went into effect today (Friday, February 5, 2010) at 9:30 a.m (see press release here; for a PDF map of snow emergency routes, click here, and for a PDF list of streets included, click here). According to an e-mail blast I received, if one's vehicle is not moved off the snow emergency route, DPW will tow the vehicle to a pre-determined lot and the owner will incur a $250 fine for parking on a snow emergency route during a declared snow emergency, a $100 towing fee and a $25 impound fee (this fee will double after 48 hours and then increase by $25 every 24 hours thereafter).

I spotted the Shaw Main Streets Green Team out this morning spreading salt at crosswalks. This will undoubtedly make journeys through the neighborhood easier in the coming days.

Long View Gallery's opening tonight is still on, so for the brave and cultural, the gallery will be a happening beacon in the storm.

As we expect so much snow, it is advisable to shovel your sidewalk a few times during the downfall. I usually shovel the sidewalks and front steps of my elderly neighbors (and, if feeling major cabin fever, will continue down the block), and encourage all to be generous with their physical might for greater mobility for all.

Be warm and stay safe!

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