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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Days

This image was taken during Wednesday's blizzard. The buildings shown are on the 1500 block of Ninth Street, Northwest.

I hope everyone managed to stay dry and warm over the course of the past week. As neighborhood businesses no doubt suffered from a lack of foot traffic during the historic snowfalls, relieve your cabin fever this weekend and spend some time and money at our great neighborhood restaurants and bars!


Nick the Greek said...

This is a row of building mostly owned by Shiloh Church at 9th and P NW. Please note they abandoned and boarded up. Shiloh has not been a good neighbor. The city had to condemn the building in order for Shiloh to secure them from the elements and squatters. They also form a dead zone on the street.

Shaw Rez said...

Thanks for the comment, Nick. I agree that the dead zone created by this row of empty structures is not healthy for the community (just this weekend, several of these buildings were tagged; something that would not likely happen so often if they were inhabited). I posted this photo because I found the buildings silently beautiful in the storm.

Two points of clarification. First, the two buildings on the left of the photograph are currently owned by the National Parks Service ("NPS"). NPS intends to redevelop the two buildings (and one or two additional adjacent buildings, not pictured) into the Carter Woodson Historic Site/visitors' center. It should be a great draw to and asset for the community when done.

Second, as seen, Shiloh unboarded many windows on its vacant properties in the past few months, and it has taken steps to make them look less vacant. I appreciate the change. Of course, I would love to see the buidlings actually restored and re-inhabited, but any investment is appreciated.