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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Neighborhood New Year Resolutions

Although 2010 is in full swing, it's not too late to make a few neighborly resolutions. Here a list of suggestions (updated from the ones I suggested in 2007) that would be transformative in 2010:

1. Pick up at least 5 pieces of trash outside a day.

2. Volunteer in our neighborhood. Here are a few options; contact the volunteer coordinators for specific opportunities:

+ Voulunteer at the Watha T Daniel Shaw Community Library. To learn more about volunteering at the Library, click here

+ Volunteer at one of our neighborhood schools. To learn more about volunteering at a neighborhood school, click here.

+ Volunteer at a local park or at the Kennedy Recreatrion Center. To learn more about volunteering at a neighborhood park, click here.

+ Volunteer at a local non-profit - Several non-profits in the area need volunteers to advance their mission, such as Bread for the City and ArtSpace DC.

3. Organize and/or participate in a neighborhood watch for your block. Check here for more information.

4. Become a graffiti fighter. Buy paint now and, whenever you see a tag, paint over it ASAP.

Do you have other suggestions and/or did you make any community-oriented resolutions that others, too, might want to adopt? Share in the comments!


TruxCirRes said...

FYI - you can submt an online request for DPW to cover grafitti on either public or private property
I requested it for a fence across from my place and it was done with in 10 days

Shaw Rez said...

Thanks, TCR.

I've read statistics (that I do not have handy at the moment) that the sooner grafitti is removed, the less likely additional grafitti will appear and the less likely the surface will be a constantly tagged spot. With that in mind, if grafitti is near my house, I'm out with a bucket of paint ASAP (like within 24 hours) to prevent additional/recurring.

ML said...

Visit at least one neighborhood food establishment at least once per month.

Anonymous said...

FYI..also you can volunteer at New Community for Children, they are an afterschool program in Shaw.