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Monday, January 01, 2007

A few neighborly resolution suggestions for 2007

As you're formulating your resolutions for 2007, consider one or more of these neighborhood-enhancing commitments:

1. Pick up at least 5 pieces of trash outside a day.

2. Volunteer in our neighborhood. Here are a few options; contact the volunteer coordinators for specific opportunities:

+ Voulunteer at the new (ugh--modular) Library and help make the best of the temporary library situation. To learn more about volunteering at the Library, call Bill Turner, Volunteer Coordinator, at 202.727.4968 or send him email at

+ Volunteer at one of our neighborhood schools. Contact DCPS community relations office at 202.727.0488.

+ Volunteer at the Kennedy Recreatrion Center or at one of the local parks. Contact the Department of Parks and Recreation at to choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities ranging from a one-day project to a long-term commitment.

+ Volunteer at Bread for the City. Complete the volunteer application available on their website or contact Valentine Woods, Volunteer Coordinator, to request one at 202.386.7611.

3. Organize and/or participate in a neighborhood watch for your block. Check here for more information.

4. Become a graffiti fighter. Buy paint now and, every other week, paint over tags.

My creativity's tapped after a long night of celebrating--anyone have any resolution suggestions?

I hope everyone had a safe and fun time ringing in 07!!


Mary said...

Thanks for these suggestions on volunteer opportunities, they're really great. I've been trying to get out once a week and pick up trash for the two blocks from my house to the metro. If every person in the n'hood picked up 5 pieces a day, it would be such a huge improvement!!

Shaw Rez said...

Agreed--even if a few people on each block picked up 5 pieces a day we'd see a huge improvement.

Regarding my graffiti cleaning resolution idea, be sure to take a photo of any tags prior to painting over them and email the photo(s) to offseventh (see blog links on my main page) and/or to the police for tracking gang activity.

si said...

Sgt. Andrew Struhar heads up the non latino gang unit. email grafitti photos to

Noel said...

Love the suggestion to volunteer as a New Year's resolution. Might I recommend contacting Greater DC Cares as a way to get involved in one-time and/or ongoing volunteer opportunities, alone or in groups. They are expert at ensuring their volunteers have good experiences meeting real needs in the community. Go to to find out more.

Shaw Rez said...

Thanks, Noel--great to know about this resource!