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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Spotted: Repairs to Slum Historique Building

Last night I observed that the infamous vacant properties at 9th and Q Streets and Rhode Island Avenue, owned by Michael Sendar, are undergoing repairs currently. It appears that windows are being unboarded and repaired and that some rotten wood is being replaced. There is probably not too much cause for celebration, however, as the Rhode Island Avenue facade of the building received fresh boards over its lower windows, so the repairs are probably just baseline and not indicative of new life in the historic structures.


ML said...

Probably just Sendar trying to make this building compliant with the new "blighted" property tax code, so he can significantly lower his property taxes.

I believe "blight" is now somewhat based on whether there are boards over doors and windows. And you pay $10 per $100 of value in taxes if your property is blighted. Which is why Shiloh suddenly un-boarded their vacant, run-down 9th street properties and put up some old flimsy doors and windows.

If it's "merely vacant" you pay the same class 1 rates as everyone else ($0.85 per $100 of value) these days.

Mr Ray said...

If he coats the grafitti --all the grafitti-- with a monochrome coat of fresh paint as well as repair the windows, I will be content. I'm glad to see the bars on the windows. At least Sendar retains a sense of tradition in Shaw Slum architectural design. I don't need the crack whores moving in again.