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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Council Helps CityMarket at O

Check out this Washington Examiner article about emergency action taken yesterday by the city council yesterday to help jump start Roadside Development's CityMarket at O Street project. The article reports that the resolution "authorizes Mayor Adrian Fenty to grant $1 million, from any available source, to Roadside Development to get the project at Seventh and O streets Northwest moving." Fingers crossed that the mayor takes immediate action and that this project moves forward as soon as possible!

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ML said...

This was a particularly interesting quote to me, "“We are ready to go,” Evans said. “The project has financing, has a hotel, has a developer. The project is dying on the vine.”

I had presumed we were waiting on financing. Great to hear too that there is already a hotel on board.

Not great to hear the Jack thinks the project is in danger of "dying on the vine."