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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Candidate Forum Tonight

There is a CCCA Ward 2 & ANC Candidates Forum tonight from 7 to 9 pm at the Long View Gallery. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans and his challenger for the Ward 2 seat, Christina Culver will participate in the event tonight. ANC Commissioners Alex Padro, Kevin Chapple and Mike Bernardo (ANC2F06) have confirmed their attendance along with ANC candidates Theresa Sule (ANC2C04) and Jessica Lanza (ANC2C03).

The moderators, David Smith and Virginia Lee, will be asking the bulk of the questions, but there will be a short time afterward for public questions and an opportunity to meet with the candidates individually.

The question I'd most like to ask is this: A bureaucratic technicality has held up the overhaul to the Carter G. Woodson Memorial Park at 9th and Q Streets and Rhode Island Avenue. What will you do to make this park overhaul a reality?

So do you have any burning questions you'd like to ask the candidates?

CCCA Ward 2 & ANC Candidates Forum
Thursday, September 18 7-9pm
Long View Gallery
1302 Ninth Street NW


si said...

jessica lanza has a website:

SG said...

Can you guys PLEASE (pretty please?) ask if they can release the remaining retail spots as arts space to the DC arts community either for free or for nominal rent? There is major interest for this, and Evans recently said he wanted to fill those spaces even if he had to "give them away." Well, this would be the highest and best use in my mind. Down the line, they can fill it with retail tenants when there is demand, but right now there certainly isn't.

Mr. Q said...

What's the current status of the zoning relief (initiated in January 08?)for Michael Sendar's property at 9th and Q?

What actionable steps will each candidate take to deal with vacant properties in Shaw and will they commit to giving residents quarterly status updates on progress for each property?

Anonymous said...

SG and Mr Q:

The moderators gave the candidates a prepared list of possible questions before the event. The event went long, but was informative and instructive I believe.

They did not get to bring up your questions, but they are good ones and I hope you will contact the candidates individually to get answers and post their responses on a blog or list serv somewhere. The candidates need to hear from the community even if the are not already elected.

Jack Evans
jackevans at

Christina Culver
Christina.ErlandCulver at

Alex Padro
Padroanc2c at

Kevin Chapple
ChappleANC at

Jessica Lanza
Jessica at

Theresa Sule
ANC2C04 at