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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To Do: Tastings at Modern Liquor

I'm on the email distribution list for Modern Liquors and regularly get invitations to various in store events. I'm remiss for not having experienced one of their tastings. The content of this week's email sounds particularly interesting
Wednesday's wine tasting (6-8pm) will be extraordinary! The man himself...Jorge Simonassi, of Simonassi Lyon wines, will be here in person to conduct the tasting of his world class Argentine wines. Eric, of Krishon Gourmet Chocolates, will also be here to sample his goji berry chocolates--considered to be the healthiest chocolate out there.

Friday's tasting (6-8pm) is a doublheader. On Barrel #1, representatives from Belgium's Leffe brewery will conduct a tasting of Leffe Blonde. On Barrel #2, a couple of new organic Carribbean rums will be sampled--one is 169 proof.
Sampling wine with neighbors, eating healthy chocolate, a double header of beer and rum?!?! I've really been missing out!

Modern Liquors
1200 9th St., NW

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Anonymous said...

I was driving down 9th Street tonight, and the front door of Breakwell's was smashed, and police were out front taking pictures.... does anyone have any further details? How terrible.

It shows that, while the neighborhood has come a long way, we still need more development, bringing more foot traffic (in addition to more policing) to help stop this kind of activity.