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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Any Good Stories from the Polls?

I voted at Shiloh Baptist Church this afternoon. Primaries are a pretty fun part of being a citizen, aren't they? I don't have anything particularly neat or interesting on which to report from my ballot-casting. I did find the polling set-up to be a bit confusing flow-wise.


ML said...

I like playing dumb at the polls to see how well those who are working them can instruct me on the process. As some portion of the electorate is always at risk of either miscasting or not having their votes counted due to confusion or lack of good instruction, I like to know how well my polling place does at helping people.

The folks working at Shiloh were very helpful to me and walked me through the process I thought quite well.

The only odd thing I did see was a poll worker actually in a "booth" with a voter. It sounded innocent enough though as they were instructing them on connecting the line that completes the arrow on the paper ballot indicating your vote. I didn't hear anyone say, 'connect THIS particular arrow' thank goodness.

Chad said...

How about those annoying Obama pimps out front?

si said...

I worked outside the poll at MLK lst it was cold! There were supporters of Obama, Clinton, Jack Evans, & Cary Silverman (jack's opposition in sept.) I was passing out stuff for hillary a bit but mostly for Cary. We all had a pretty good time except for that guy who slipped & busted his face open. The walking was very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

i ran into paul thorpe at MLK and encouraged him to challenge doris brooks for ANC again. he said he's considering it and several other people have suggested he do it again as well.