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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Silent Night Week

Sorry for my silence this week: work has been very busy lately, so I've been unable to write about the great Shaw neighborhood. I will probably not be making regular postings until after the Christmas holiday.

While I've been unable to keep my eyes open to new stories about the area, Kevin Chapple's Forum has been a fount of interesting topics for me (as always). One exciting recent report is that the selected Parcel 42 team has changed architects and is going to re-vamp its design in response to (warranted) community criticism. Also, the Forum reports that substantial demolition of the Watha T. Daniel is finally upon us. Check out the forum for other interesting posts about development coming to Shaw, holiday happenings and resources, and news affecting our neighborhood.

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ShawMeTheLove said...

Hey, Totally off topic, but Breakwells is now open!