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Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekend Shoutouts

Here are a few of the many happenings in Shaw this weekend:

1. Drink with the Queen! - New liquor license in hand, Queen of Sheba should be serving alcohol soon. OffSeventh may be buying a celebratory round for some lucky fans on Sunday!

Queen of Sheba
1503 9th Street NW (at the corner of P)

2. Sell Your Gun at Shiloh - Seriously. Read the details here.

3. Check out the Ninth Street Gallery's Winter Show - details here.

The Ninth Street Gallery
1306 9th Street, NW

4. All the Usual Fun Stuff - the Liberation Dance Party at DC9, the shows at 9:30 Club, Black Cat, Arena Stage, and Studio Theater, the cultural offerings of the Warehouse Arts Complex, Project 4 Gallery, the Ninth Street Gallery, and the Long View Gallery, the chance to get your freak on and knock back some drinks at places like Town Danceboutique, The Space, Avenue, Be Bar, Nellie's Sports Bar, and Old Dominion Brewhouse, and great meals at Vegetate, Acadiana, Etete, or Queen of Sheba.

Have a suggestion for a weekend shoutout? Leave a comment or email me at slumhistorique at yahoo dot com!


DG-rad said...

every time I read "weekend shoutouts" I think it says "weekend Shoot-outs" and it makes me think your neighborhood is really violent... not sure why this is...

Anonymous said...

has breakwells re-opened

si said...

BAA is having the holidays there and they are almost ready to reopen...woo hoo!