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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Diamond in the Rough: 1314 9th

I love this building located at 1314 9th Street. Between be bar and Long View Gallery and adjacent to an alley of Naylor Court, it seems to sit a prime lower 9th location. Sadly, it appears to be falling into disrepair and largely vacant.

I love its ornate brick and copper (or maybe not copper?) work.

I have heard rumors that this building is for sale, but have yet to see a listing for it. Tax records indicate that it is owned by an Arlington entity.

My vision for the building would be to have interesting retail draw on the first floor (maybe something like Good Wood), artist studios and gallery space on the second floor, and 2 or 3 cool apartments or condos (with roof decks) on the third floor. What do you think would be a great use of this awesome building?


developersagent com said...

Hey Shaw Man,

Its under contract...and the asking price was a cool $2.4 mil. It was listed to show the transaction but I believe its not being brokered. There is no listing brokerage on the MLS.

Thanks for the great blogging.

Anonymous said...

any clue who's buying it and what their plans are?

Mr. Ray said...

This building was reportedly the meetingplace of the Washington Sängerbund, the singing club of the German-speaking community of the city -- which is still in existence -- in the twenties, thirties and possibly forties. After the War they moved to the Old Europe Restaurant. Celebrate real diversity.

rr 446 said...

in the 90's this big old girl was owned by a guy name Walter who was a Virginia general contractor. He purchased Victorian Realty which was located at 1314 9th St.