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Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1 Means It's Tree Requestin' Time

The D.C. Urban Forestry Administration's ("UFA's") tree planting season runs from October through April. If you know of a tree box or a public space near you in need of a new tree, be sure to submit a request through the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at 202.727-1000. You can also submit a request through the Call Center for trees in need of pruning or, sniff sniff, removal.

For further information, check out the UFA's Planting, Pruning and Removal guidelines.


Carmen said...

Anyone know who to contact to get help for existing trees that are showing obvious signs of stress? Will the city come and trim dead branches from trees and aerate tree boxes? We have 2 trees on our block that are obviously not doing well, and yet they don't seem too far gone to be helped.

Carmen said...

Sorry - I answered my own question by going to the UFA website. They have procedures for requesting tree pruning (but not, as far as I can tell, soil maintenance in tree boxes).

Shaw Rez said...

my post wasn't worded well... yes, you can contact the call center (via phone or the dc gov website) and submit a request for a new tree, for tree maintenance or for tree removal.

Anonymous said...

looks like the time for tree requests time for this year has already passed alread:

"All planting requests for the current planting season (October - April in any given year) must be received by June 15, and all requests must be made through the Mayor's call center at (202) 727-1000. UFA cannot guarantee planting of any trees for requests made after June 15th."

so your post should be called "It's Tree Plantin' Time/Hope Someone Else Checked the UFA Website Sooner"!

Hill Rat said...

Folks that are interested in planting trees may want to give Casey Trees a call. They are an independent and well funded organization dedicated to renewing and protecting DC's tree canopy.

If you just want to volunteer some time to help plant trees you can do that there is well.


si said...

A couple years ago MVSNA organized a tree planting with Casey Trees in the spring. It was a lot of work but very rewarding. After we surveyed eligible tree vacancies and called Miss Utility, neighbors gathered with Casey Tree and Americorps volunteers. We got trained regarding the correct way to plant a tree and then broke into groups. We planted & watered 14 trees in the neighborhood which was a huge challenge as we had to deal with buried remnants of old tree stumps etc...most of the trees are still alive but a few of them did not make it as they were planted in front of vacant property (of which we have an overabundance). New trees require 5 gallons of water/week when there is no rain. Another thing we learned is that the city frequently plants trees in an incorrect manner. they will drop a tree in a hole with the wire basket still attached (a big no-no) and then build a volcano of mulch around it. Mulch is good but it should create a shallow well around the tree and not actually touch the trunk.