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Friday, September 14, 2007

Judge: August Vote Invalid; Shiloh: Tomorrow's Vote Cancelled for Prayer Vigil

Thanks to Greg to pointing me to this WaPo article stating that a judge ruled today that the August vote to remove the Rev. Charles Wallace Smith was invalid. The article also reports that the church canceled the vote scheduled for tomorrow regarding Smith's tenure and that the church will have a prayer service instead. I believe the church's position had been that the August vote wasn't valid because the church set tomorrow as the time/place for the official vote. That tomorrow's vote has been cancelled seems shady to me, although I don't know the ins and outs of the lawsuit or of today's ruling. If the official church party line was that the August vote was not official because the vote had been officially scheduled by the powers-that-be for tomorrow, isn't it shady that tomorrow's church-sanctioned vote has been cancelled?

I really don't care about Shiloh's in-fighting, and, given their portfolio of vacant properties which is surely indicative of ineffectiveness, I'm not surprised by it. Also, I am somewhat mis-trusting of the motives of the dissident group. I do wish that Shiloh were a better neighbor--particularly regarding their abhorrent property stewardship--and maybe all of this internal ugliness will bring about some positive changes in that regard.


Anonymous said...

Maybe through the power of prayer and the holy spirit they will recognize their evil ways of disrespecting the neighborhood and repent.

Mr. Ray said...

The 300 who attempted to oust him failed on organizational grounds but, according to the paper, that does not stop them from prosecuting on criminal grounds of financial mismanagement. Stay tuned. Seems like Sen. Craig and Rev. Smith and neck and neck in demonstrating self-righteous tenacity in fighting sleazy self-induced adversity.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but it looks like Breakwell's had a pretty bad fire sometime Sunday. If you find out if there is anything we can do to help, I'd love to know -- I really love that place!

Mr. 14th & You said...


I heard that the fire was electrical in nature, and that the damage was contained pretty much to the exterior of the property. Russell, Breakwell's owner, said that as soon as he gets the electricity back on he'll be back up and running. So that's good news, relatively speaking.

7-11ish said...

I had a fire in my backyard on Friday and there are witnesses that point to arson. Then there was a fire on 9th street on Saturday. I am talking to the fire marshal to get an arson investigation started. Perhaps we could post a description of this homeless person who is potentially responsible for my fire.

si said...

7-11 you should also post this info on the MPD listserve.

that way there is a very public record of the information being put out. also press your MPD reps for action, your PSA 308 Lt. is