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Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Monday

My weekend was pretty Shaw-centric again. Highlights include participating in the Shaw monthly cleanup (the new plantings in the treeboxes on 9th look awesome! As a resident of 9th, a heartfelt thanks from my neighbors and me to all who participated!), attending the opening at Long View on Saturday night (Stacie Albano’s paintings are stunning; pop-in the gallery soon to check them out!); eating breakfast with the Queen (they have incredibly good coffee and enormous homemade pancakes); and checking out the new VIP room at be bar (it’s a really cool space featuring bottle service in private “cabanas” one can rent that hold up to 8 people and a club area for mingling). Notable Shaw area happenings of the weekend include several seemingly unrelated fires, one occuring at the entrance to Breakwell’s Coffee (apparently the interior was not really damaged, so the business should be up and running soon); a movement on the yahoo list serve to come up with a new moniker for the Shaw area (“Mid-City” was the first working title, although I think that’s been quashed due to its use to our west); and apparently One DC held an “anti-Gentrification” march through the neighborhood on Saturday afternoon (anyone have any reports on that?).


Shaw Rez said...

I'll add--I think I lean against attempting to impose a new name on the Shaw area, instead believing we should embrace the name we already have. That said, my nomination for a new name is NoCo (north of the convention center). It may be too similar to NoMa or SoHo or any other 2 syllable combo of names, but I kinda like the ring.

Mr. 14th & You said...

How about EaLo (East of Logan), or SoHeight (south of Columbia Heights).

Getting a little more obscure, we could go with WeBloom (west of Bloomingdale). Or, perhaps a tri-syllabic name: NoMoVe (North of Mount Vernon Square).

Or we could do what real estate agents have been doing for years: merge Shaw and Logan together and call the whole thing East Dupont.

IMGoph said...

screw it, shaw it is. we don't need to whimp out right now. shaw is actually, really, finally turning the corner. mr. ray can bitch about it all he wants, but he's just going to have to get used to be a cuddly old curmudgeon in a constantly better neighborhood. it won't be long until the shiloh properties are the only unimproved property left in the area, and then the pressure will be too great to ignore.

si said...

keep Shaw, less confusing & avoid pissing people off. its just a name. and for petes sake avoid those nyc wannabe morph names...(altho "nomove" is pretty frickin funny)

Clara Barton Dweller said...

The issue of neighborhood names always intrigues me. Coming up with the "Penn Quarter" name has definitely been good for my area in the years since. People want to move into a place called "Penn Quarter." It sounds cool. I'm glad they went with that and not "Random Abandoned No-Man's Land," which back then may have seemed more apt.

I went to Georgetown U. for undergrad and it's funny to see how the "Georgetown" name is always creeping further and further north - and west, and east - and south. Soon, "North Georgetown" will include Tenleytown. Already, I've seen real estate listings in Rosslyn under the "Georgetown" heading! I wonder if Virginia is aware D.C. is trying to annex part of their state.