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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WaPo Covers Nellie's

Congrats to Nellie's Sports Bar for garnering even more press. In today's
Post, food critic Tom Sietsema gives the "straight-friendly" sports bar a review (check it out here). Of note, he describes the empanadas as "pure pleasure." He's less of a fan of some other menu items, which sound like they're probably going to get nixed or tweaked soon anyway as the owners are already assessing and changing the menu.

Nellie's Sports Bar
900 U Street, NW
202.332.NELL (6355)


Huh? said...

what define's a gay bar? why is this one "gay?"

Shaw Rez said...

I think a bar's deemed gay by the clientele who patronize it, by the public's perception of it, and by the owners' intent for it.

In Nellie's case, it's been well received by the gay community as a destination, Nellie's has gotten a lot of positive press from local and national gay media for being a gay sports bar, and, judging from its website, its owners intend it to be a gathering spot for the gay community.

That said, Nellie's is intended to be a place for all to enjoy. The roof deck is awesome, the bar area is cool, and apparently the empanadas are delcious.

Drew said...

It's a bar which draws a crowd, the majority of which is gay, thus its recognition as a "gay bar." It's a simple concept really...

Sort of like Rosa Mexicana, which in most people's eyes serves mainly Mexican food (apologies to Mexican natives for considering this authentic Mexican food). This restaurant is deemed a Mexican restaurant though when perusing their menu, there are undoubtedly dishes influenced by other cultures.

It's a matter of categorizing so no one is surprised when they show up to order guacamole and find a room full of Spanish sausage.