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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Convention Center Hotel: On Again

The Washington Business Journal is reporting that a deal has been struck between the numerous parties involved that clears the way for a convention center hotel to be built on 9th Street north of Massachusetts Avenue. The hotel will be smaller than originally planned, with 1,150 rooms instead of 1400, and will cost about $540 million to build, $40 million more than original projections.   Marriott will begin designing the new hotel and start the zoning process immediately, with construction expected to commence in two years. According to his schedule, the Mayor will make a formal announcement about the hotel at 9th and L on Monday morning at 11:30 a.m.  



Greg said...

The Post also chimed in with another article about how important a convention center hotel was in this morning's paper. They apparently interviewed the oto guys at the convention center. No big surprises, basically everything we already know (we want it all! nearby! and no "urban blight"!), although one interviewee couldn't find a cafe near the convention center -- !!boggle!!.

Some people really do need to be led by the hand.

Shaw Rez said...

Just read the article, Greg--thanks for pointing me to it.

I found Douglas Jemal's quotes interesting also--more discussion about redevelopment of his properties on New York Avenue at 7th, including a boutique hotel and shops. I think Jemal's recent press has really been foreshadowing some great infill by Douglas Development between the Convention Center and City Vista on the near horizon.

Anonymous said...

Shaw Rez, I enjoy reading your blog, but I have a bone to pick with you. As a resident of the Whitman who thinks the "Whitman Watcher" is a joke (as do MANY other residents), I wish you wouldn't post comments on his/her page. It only feeds his/her ego, making him/her think his/her blog is relevant. Keep up the good work on your blog though.

Shaw Rez said...

Noted, anon... I'm a chronic-comment-leaver (and promoter of Shaw!) but don't ever really mean to endorse any particular blog or blog writer by doing so.