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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Iron Tree Box Installations Begin

This morning, I noticed that the installation of iron tree box guards along the 1500 block of 9th Street has begun. Shaw Main Streets is to thank for securing the funds and executing this beautification project that will ultimately place iron tree box guards, as well as arborist-approved perennial plantings, in tree boxes up and down the 7th and 9th Street corridors north of N Street (beginning with 9th).

I think these iron tree box guards are very attractive, and the cohesive look they will bring to the streetscape will make a great impact on one's experience walking on our sidewalks. Kudos to Shaw Main Streets for this great enhancement to the beauty of Shaw.


Ethan said...

Thanks for the shoutout. The Urban Design Committee of Shaw Main Streets has secured grant money to install iron treeboxes throughout 9th Street from Mount Vernon Square to U Street. You should be seeing a lot more of them over the coming months!

Shaw Rez said...

Ethan - great news and awesome work! A few questions -- is it just 9th Street for the foreseeable future (I thought I heard 7th would also receive them)? Any clue as to how they're scheduling the installation (how many they'll do in a day, if they're going block by block/both sides of a block/etc)? When will the plantings be planted?

Again, AWESOME work! This enhancement is really going to do a lot for the 9th Street experience!

Ethan said...

Thanks! The 9th Street tree-box grants were secured in two separate phases. We have a contract to have the first 47 boxes fabricated and have a grant secured to do the other 30-40 this fall.

We have plans to do 7th street as well, which is a separate project that we are working on with DDOT's help. You should see similar boxes on 7th in the near future as well.

We are waiting to do the planting for the tree boxes until the weather cools down a little bit. Also, we are coordinating with our all-star Green Team who will be helping to take care of the plants once they are in place. You will see these boxes planted sometime this fall and as early as next month.

Shaw Rez said...

Ethan - many, many thanks for providing this info. I'm excited to see this beautiful investment in Shaw.

Mr. Ray said...

Those tree boxes are nice. They contain the liquor bottles, beer cans, and paper trash so much better. Love the photo in front of the urine-scented vacant NPS property (one day the future Woodson interpretive center). Ah, such a lovely enhancement to our historic slum.

Anonymous said...

How much are the tree boxes? I need 50 to a hundred. call me at 202-361-8817