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Monday, June 04, 2007

Rent Me: 1544 9th Street, NW

Over the weekend, I noticed a new sign (pictured below) advertising that the property located at 1544 9th Street (at the southeast corner of the intersection of 9th and Q Streets) is for lease. The National Parks Service wants to purchase this property to be a part of its Carter Woodson Site but has been unsuccessful to date (they reported back in February that the asking price exceeded what they are willing to pay). It appears that the renovation of this former pizza place stalled sometime in the past year or so. Neighbors have since dealt with trash and vagrants around this property, particularly in the back. Accordingly, the promise of new tenants—and the corresponding renovation of the building they will bring—is exciting.

I apologize for the quality of the above camera phone photos!


Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of the ever-popular Shiloh issue... Have they done anything on those condemned properties yet?!?!

Shaw Rez said...

As of this morning, I have seen absolutely no progress on the Shiloh condemned property front. I believe that Off Seventh reported that the city won't take action until at least mid-June, at which time the condemnation board meets again. It will be telling of the Fenty administration how this situation is handled.

To answer an earlier comment on this subject regarding elected officials' contact info for complaining purposes, check out the "local government info" link in my Shaw Info Center section on the right. Sean Howard is a great resource and contact.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Shiloh gives a new meaning to the term "deadbeat."

Mr. Ray said...

Reverend Carter, whom we used to call the "Junkie Lady" when she ran a grocery cum fencing/reefer operation out of this site, does not rent nor will sell to whites. So don't get your hopes up. She's proably just trying to avoid Class 3 taxation of a vacant property like Sendar has so successufully done for close to seven years with his bogus "for sale" sign across the street

si said...

Ray I suggest you report to DCRA exactly how long the property has been vacant. phillip miller, allen smith