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Monday, May 07, 2007

Queen of Sheba Gets Rave Review from PQ Blogger

Penn Quarterlife is another new(ish) blogger to the D.C. scene that I’ve added to my regular neighborhood blog roll. She’s written about several of her ventures from her home in the Clara Barton to our Shaw neighborhood. This past weekend, she made Queen of Sheba her lunch destination. Read her glowing review of the restaurant here.


Clara Barton Dweller said...

Thanks for the shout out! I can feel the love all the way down 7th Street. ;) Seriously, I am SO jealous of you guys having QoS up there. PQ is so in need of a yummy and inexpensive place like that. We have a lot of really good restaurants, but few where you can get so much tasty food for under $9.

Shaw Rez said...

Well thanks for giving us your take on D.C.!

Hopefully QoS will keep you coming our way!