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Monday, May 07, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering

I had a pretty great, Shaw-centric weekend:

On Friday night, we tried out Brasserie Beck. Right across from the nearing-completion Ten Ten Mass condominiums, this is a pretty cool space at the corner of 11th and K Streets; it seems to buzz with importance in the D.C. scene right now. The Belgian beer selection is impressive, as is the atmosphere. Food-wise, we opted for a few share-ables, including the mussels, a charchuterie board, and a cauliflower casserole. All were good, though probably not the most complimentary dishes (not the restaurant’s fault, as we were the ones who ordered without thought). After Beck, we headed to Warehouse to check out the current show, “No Representation.” There are some really cool pieces hanging (as well as the leftovers of a rather disturbing performance arts piece from last week... as a squeamish person, I must refrain from describing); my favorite was a work by Adam Fowler.

On Saturday, I worked in the yard planting some flowers, picked up trash up and down the block, painted over some graffiti, chatted up some neighbors, and tinkered around the house. I then attended Taste of Shaw, which provided a delicious preview of D’vine Cravings (opening later this year pending further construction delays) and EuroMarket (which should open soon; construction is wrapping up). A Shaw-based friend had a Kentucky Derby/Cinquo de Mayo Gathering at her house, prompting me to leave Taste of Shaw early. Then we ordered in Thai-tanic on a doggie playdate at another friend's house before heading out.

On Sunday, I walked with a neighbor to Whole Foods to grab lunch--which we subsequently ate on the front stoop--and to hit up Logan Hardware. I then walked the Remaking le Slum mascot to the Adams Morgan Dog Park (popping in some stores along the way, like Good Wood on U Street). Upon returning, I went on a long bike ride, viewing the burned Eastern Market, the H Street corridor (sadly I didn’t make it east of the 1000 block, so I inadvertently missed a lot of the places garnering so much buzz over there), and a few less-familiar-to-me parts of Shaw. Last night, we watched the Amazing Race with friends in Logan Circle.

All in all, it was a great weekend for me; I hope yours was too.


Metrocurean said...

Sorry we couldn't join you at Beck! Glad to hear it was hopping.w

Shaw Rez said...

Metrocurean - It was a bit impromptu, so no worries! Hope y'all had a great weekend...

OffSeventh said...

I thought that was you on the rode right past me on H Street. I have to check out Beck ASAP.

si said...

I was hitting mayur kabob accross the st from Beck...oh man their food is GOOD!

sounds like you had quite a jumping weekend! go you!

ML said...

Wow. In reading your account of a great weekend, it struck me that instead of Shaw you could have been talking about Dupont, Georgetown or Adams Morgan, and it would have sounded like a great weekend in any of those neighborhoods. Our hood is really starting to come of age with a lot of fun things to do.

We tried to do Beck's last night, but unfortunately they are closed Sundays. So we did Rice instead and now I have a new favorite Thai restaurant.