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Friday, May 04, 2007

Vegetate Continues Doing Delicious Good

As Vegetate uses fresh ingredients, its menu changes with the seasons (something that can be momentarily devastating to those regulars who grow exceedingly fond of particular dishes…). Actually, their menu is so fresh that it often changes each week as they bring us the bounties of local farms. Featured now are many beautiful greens, micro greens and herbs from Path Valley and Tuscarora; they’re also still getting roots vegetables, such as parsnips and sunchokes, but I think root veggie season is on the way out.

One notable thing on their current menu is asparagus from Clagett Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. It's the first of the season and it's delicious. And, as discussed below, it’s pretty cool that Vegetate buys from Clagget Farm because of Clagget Farm’s environmentally and socially forward-thinking ways.

From the Ground Up at Clagett Farm (“FGU”) is a joint effort of the Capital Area Food Bank and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to bring nutritious, fresh produce to communities of all income levels throughout the D.C. area. In addition to raising vegetables in an environmentally sensitive manner on 20 acres in Upper Marlboro, MD, FGU works to educate the public about the relationship between agriculture, our environment, the food supply and social justice. Nearly half of the chemical-free produce harvested by FGU is donated to high-need families in the Washington, DC metro area, and the remainder is sold as shares to area residents through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Way to go, Vegetate, for supporting such a neat venture!

Check out their dinner and Sunday brunch menus here and their cocktail/wine/beer/weekly special menus here.

1414 9th St., NW

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jmc39 said...

I have dined at Vegetate on many occassions. I went to brunch at Vegetate for the first time today. I'm a meatatarian and have to admit that the food was very, very good.