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Friday, March 30, 2007

ANC 2c April Meeting To Be Held at United House of Prayer

As reported by Commissioner Chapple, the April ANC 2c meeting will be held at the United House of Prayer at 6th and M Streets. A .pdf of the typo-laden agenda is available here, or view the corrections at Commissioner Chapple's website here.

Leroy and Doris have vocally opposed the videotaping or photographing of our ANC meetings, and previously vehemently pointed to Africare's rule of no-photography/videography as the justification for enforcement of their rule. Africare recently announced provisions allowing anyone wanting to video or photograph the ANC meetings to do so. The March ANC meeting, the first subsequent ANC meeting after announcement of those provisions, was cancelled. And now Africare has been nixed as a meeting site for April. ANC2C stipulated in January that a majority of their meetings must be held at Africare (so at least five).


son of Mars said...

ANC2C only stipulated that a majority of their meetings must be held at Africare, so at least five.

The original motion for africare and other (unspecified) locations be the venue for aNc meetings was taken to a vote. The motion passed with Mses Brooks and curtis and Mr chapple voting for the motion. Mr Padro voted against it (or abstained?)

... Ms Brooks made a motion to approve the Security fund payment for fY 2007.

Shaw Rez said...

huh--thanks for the clarification, Son of Mars! I guess my memory's already fading at the ripe age of 30!

Anonymous said...

I support meeting at places other than Africare, but I suspect this meeting location was not chosen for its proximity to other ANC citizens but instead for UHOP's desire to please Chairperson Brooks and Leroy Thrope.

Charles Walker said...

The UHOP meeting location was certainly chosen because Africare is friendly to video recording, and they are hoping that UHOP will be less friendly to video recording. Africare, by the way, never had any objection to video recording. They just have some paperwork that you have to fill out to do it.

It's pathetic - they are running scared from cameras. Look at the lengths they go to in order to keep their deliberations from the public at large. Why do people vote for these losers?

carmen said...

This is just ridiculous - I'll tell you what affect this is all having - you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be out in force in Gallery Place to get people to vote for anyone other than Doris in the next ANC election - we will get her out of the ANC, and we will then finally have an ANC that is worth something. The only affect all their game playing is having is to strenghten our resolve to change things.

So let them play, their days in the ANC are numbered, they will be voted out.

In the mean time, we should just boycott the meetings. They're worthless anyway, they have nothing real to do with the community anymore.

Tad Rainwater said...

Whoever is organizing "Dump Doris '08", sign me up to volunteer. I do disagree with boycotting the ANC meetings, however. On the contrary, I think it's important that the place be packed with critics of the Thorpe/Brooks administration. That way they will know that their days of doing whatever they want are over; and our presence is especially important if we can't take cameras.

Charles Walker said...

You can take cameras - regardless of what Doris Brooks or her cronies might say. It is crystal clear that the public has the right to video record ANC meetings, and they can't just up and move meetings to avoid being video recorded. If you take a camera what are they going to do? Have you arrested? On what charge?

I also think that everybody should go. Don't boycott. Be unrelenting in holding them accountable.

si said...

Right on, just because the process is challenging doesnt mean you shouldn't participate. All the more reason to. Besides, its not like its boring.

volvolution1 said...

We have been told pretty consistently that permission to record is determined by those that own/maintain the venue. Has anyone seen this in writing anywhere? Anyone know what recourse the ANC has if we refuse to stop videotaping? I'm not certain if DoBro can call the police, as she technically doesn't have custodial rights to the UHOP facility...and Lord knows the officers would be a wee confused in trying to determine whether or not they could forcibly remove someone...anyone have any past experience with ANC Meeting civil disobedience?