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Monday, April 02, 2007

Flyer Regarding Prohibitted Posters on Vacant Buildings

Sitting on my front steps yesterday afternoon, I observed a Shaw neighborhood activist distributing flyers on cars in the blocks surrounding Shiloh. The flyers read as follows:

April 1, 2007

Reverend Smith, Board of Trustees and members of Shiloh:

Why does Shiloh continue to violate DC law by displaying (and not removing) posters from vacant properties owned by Shiloh at 1526 and 1528 9th Street? Both vacant properties are directly adjacent to Shiloh family life center.

DCRA Supp. Build Code Chapter 31, Sections 3107.6.2, 3107.6.5

Signs on vacant property. Display of any sign, poster, or other advertising medium on or in any part of a vacant building, store, or premises, visible from the street or public way, other than real estate signs, complying with Section 3107.16 and authorized buildings or poster panels, is prohibited.
While the activist was not doing it for accolades, the person should know that neighbors are most appreciative of the activist's continued efforts such as this to provide Shiloh some accountability and to improve the neighborhood. And readers should know that the church has had plenty of opportunity to respond in words or in actions on the issue of illegal posters but has not.

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