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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shiloh Doth Protest Too Much

As reported elsewhere, Shiloh Baptist Church has filed a protest against the liquor license application of notable neighborhood restaurant Vegetate. This move should not affect Vegetate’s stipulated liquor license, so go enjoy one of Vegetate's delicious and inventive cocktails, a frosty beverage or some killer wine this week as a show of support for this neighborhood jewel (note: they're open Wednesday through Saturday, 6pm to 10pm and Sunday from 11am to 3pm).

This latest move by Shiloh should not have much of an effect on Vegetate's application for a permanent license, as Shiloh's arguments--relating to "peace and quiet" concerns and proximity to a school--lack merit and its group of 5 protesters are reportedly non-residents. Shiloh's protest was somewhat predictable and was another disappointing statement to the neighborhood from the church.* Regardless, this Blogger will not rest easy until after Vegetate is granted its permanent license at the ABCB hearing in March.

*I almost titled this post "Shiloh Reiterates its Argument: Vacant Buildings near Schools Assure Peace and Quiet."


Mari said...

Don't underestimate Shiloh. They might have a mini bus of elderly somewhere in the District residents up their sleeves.

retracsemaj said...

---------- Forwarded message ------

From: ShawMainStreets AT
Date: Mar 7, 2007 3:10 PM
Subject: Shiloh Protest Rejected at Vegetate's ABC License Hearing

This morning, at the roll call hearing for Vegetate Restaurant and Lounge's alcoholic beverage licence application, Shiloh Baptist Church could not produce their five alleged protestants, so the ABC Board rejected their protest. Shiloh tried to get a postponement because they couldn't get their act together, which was rejected. Barring a successful appeal by Shiloh, and with ANC 2F's voluntary agreement with Vegetate in place, there are no further obstacles to Vegetate receiving their liquor license.

Congratulations to Vegetate owners Jennifer and Dominic Redd and thanks to everyone who has stood by these young entrepreneurs during the year they struggled to stay open without a liquor license.

Vegetate has a stipulated liquor license that allows them to sell alcohol until the permanent license is granted. Be sure to stop by for a drink or dinner to celebrate this important step forward for our community.

For more information on Vegetate, visit


Alexander M. Padro
Executive Director
Shaw Main Streets, Inc.

Shaw Rez said...

Thanks, James! Just made a post on point.