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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Taste of What's To Come at Vegetate

With its "stipulated" ABC license in hand, Vegetate is able to serve alcoholic drinks (wine, beer and cocktails) along with their vegetarian goodness starting tomorrow (Wednesday) night! YAY! Although they won't have their official permanent license until after the hearing in March (more details to follow re: how we can show our support for Vegetate to the ABC board), they are able to serve alcohol under the stipulated license. Word is that a grand re-opening will occur after the hearing/issuance of their permanent license, with a lot more hoopla than they're giving tomorrow night (by March, they'll have their inventory totally lined up, servers trained, and bloody Mary recipe down pat for sure. . . ).

Tomorrow night stop by for their weekly Wednesday special on the 2nd floor lounge from 7pm to 9pm (dine-in only) for $1 Vegetate Sliders, drinks, and sounds of one of the hottest DJ's on the scene right now--DJ Dave Nada. Sadly I cannot make it, as I'm flying to (ugh) Albany for work tomorrow, so please go and let me know how it is!

Vegetate - Restaurant & Lounge
1414 9th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001


Anonymous said...

Great news!! And congratulations, Vegetate!

ML said...

Hit Vegetate last night for a beer, food and grade-A dj'ing. It was great! Thanks for the tip.

The veggie sliders are delicious (did I taste wasabi in there?), as were the dijon potatoes and spinach. And to wash it down with a beer was super.

The dj'ing added a cool atmosphere. They keep the volume really tame and have nice speakers that don't rattle. So conversation is easy over the beats.

I did keep an eye out for the children of Shaw, you know, to be sure they weren't being corrupted by the appearance of beer and wine at Vegetate. I'm happy to report that there were no children sipping Syrah or ordering pints of Oatmeal Stout with their risotto cakes.

Hopefully their license will become permanent and we'll be able to enjoy their cooking for years to come!

Anonymous said...

ML - what exactly is a "slider"??

ML said...

...that would be fancy restaurant speak for "mini hamburger." In this case "mini veggie hamburger."

Interestingly, the term originates from White Castle restaurants original "slyders," dating back to the 30's and 40's:

One who eats 6 or more in a sitting is known as a "slyder pilot."

Buck a piece on Wed. nights is a pretty sweet price. And quite tasty to boot.