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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Carter Woodson Museum Session TONIGHT!

TONIGHT (Wednesday, February 28, 2007) at 6:30 at the Kennedy Recreation Center, 1401 7th Street, NW, representatives from the National Park Service will be on hand to discuss the now-vacant properties they own at 1538, 1540 and 1542 9th Street, NW (the Carter Woodson House and adjoining properties).

The Park Service will discuss the work that has been done to date and upcoming activities regarding the properties; the Association for the Study of African American Life and History will discuss their role in the project; and a Shaw resident will present a personal tribute to Dr Woodson. This event, sponsored by Shaw Main Streets, is free and open to the public, and no reservations are required.

Neighbors on the list serves hope this forum will be a chance to address some poignant, less feel-good, questions relating to the properties, like:
+Why and how ASALH comes up with the million-plus to set up shop on Q between Seventh and Marion when they are promised space in the Woodson Museum?
+How much of a Congressional appropriation did Eleanor Holmes Norton give to ASALH and Shiloh for the three properties? How much more is the Park Service subsidizing them?
+When, if ever, will the museum be built?
+Has there been any federal appropriation to the Park Service set aside for constructing the museum?
+Will there be any accommodation for the community -- such as a meeting room?
+When does the Park Service hope to go the Historic Preservation Review Board?
+What accommodation will be made for parking?
+Why so much deliberation to study fixing up three tenements buildings?
+Why can't you just provisionally clean up the mess, spruce up the fa├žades, seal up the properties, keep out the squatters, and fix the fire hazards (Fire Department orange signs are still on the doors)?
I certainly hope these important questions (relating to accountability, feasibility, safety, and the reality of the project's advancement) are addressed and encourage all to attend tonight's forum.

PHOTO CREDIT: From dbking on Flickr, available here.


Emerald G. Waylon said...

Don't forget to also ask...
+ What after-school activities (daycare) will be provided to the children of Shaw by the museum?
+ What grade school drop-out to park ranger programs will be available?
+ How much of the museum is being set aside for senior housing?
...because it seems nothing happens in this neighborhood without thinking of seniors, children and job training first. And I'm only halfway kidding.

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note, has just run a great piece on Vegetate!!

si said...

Libby said...

I just moved to the neighborhood and really enjoy your blog! Could you tell me how to join the neighborhood listserves? I would like to get updates when their are meetings like this one! Thanks!

volvolution1 said...

Did someone videotape this?

Shaw Rez said...

As far as I know, no one video-taped the meeting. Several photos were taken, however.

Libby, the listserves to which I refer are all "yahoo groups." I'll try to post info specific to how you can find them, but I believe you can do a yahoo group search to find the ones most specific to your location and interests (I belong to just a general Shaw neighborhood yahoo group and to a Shaw dog owner group).

No One said...


Shaw Rez said...

Thanks "no one" for the link to Commissioner Chapple's video of the meeting! And thanks, Commissioner, for another great video!!