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Monday, January 22, 2007

Love/Hate and the G-8

Before moving to Shaw, I rode the S line buses to work (the S-1, in particular, took me basically door to door). Though frequent and plenty, the S line busses are notoriously overcrowded to a dangerous point.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my bus line to work from my new place in Shaw, the G-8, also delivers me door to door, home to work. I was even more pleasantly surprised that there is generally always an available seat on G-8 busses (not having my face pressed up against the bus’s front window is a nice change). I love it.

What I hate, however, is the infrequency of the G-8’s trips. Making it even more unreliable is the fact that there is no phone number to call to find out when the next bus is arriving, like on other bus lines. My commute today was about 40 minutes as a result of this (it's a 5 minute bus ride), making bus travel not a desirable way to get to work.

As an aside, I also hate the woman who sat in front of me on the bus today, who opened the bus window to throw out her cough drop wrapper. Although a professed litter Nazi, I couldn’t work up the nerve to call her out on it because, well, she scared me a little bit (she was talking to herself). But wherever you are, woman in red turbine, yellow shirt, timberland boots and with gold fingernails, know that the guy behind you in the red Columbia raincoat was giving you the stank eye for about five blocks.

Happy Monday!


richard said...

because i embark near the start of the G2 run at either ends the online schedule from WMATA works for me. having a handi/text message makes the waiting part better. and guess what, we even talk to each other at the bus stop too!

Carmen said...

My partner has discovered the G2 (P St.), which takes him door to door from home to work. The bus driver even beeps and waves to me and my dogs when we're walking (we accompany my partner to the bus stop in the mornings). But the G2 seems to be more or less on time. Hope it gets better for you on the G8.