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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Flexcar Hearts Shaw

In my pre-Shaw days, I always intended to join either Zip Car or Flexcar to ease the (sometimes) burden of not having a car in Washington. I never got around to it (walking, biking and metro-ing was my game and I got by just fine). Now that I have a car (technically I had a car before moving to Shaw, but left it at my parents' home in North Carolina because renting a parking space in D.C. is too expensive), it would be pointless to join. Nonetheless, I thought it might be interesting to know what car sharing program is more convenient to us Shaw-ites.

It appears that Flexcar is the winner, as it has several locations in and close to Shaw (unlike ZipCar, which has numerous west of 9th but none at, e.g., the Shaw/Howard metro). Flex Car's website lists the bus and metro routes to every car location in the city, which is pretty handy. The following is a list of Flexcar locations in Shaw:

1. 2 cars by the Whitman (917 M St, N.W.)

2. 1 car at the Shaw/Howard Metro (1711 8th St., N.W.)

3. 1 car at the U Street/Cardoza Metro (1932 9th St., N.W.)

As reported by the Commuter Page Blog and by several others recently, Flexcar has a special promotion going on this month: one year free membership (a $35 value) for anyone in the D.C. area who signs up in the month of January.

To become a Flexcar member:

1) Go to
2) Click on "Join Now" and select "Option 1/Personal" and click on "Next Step."
3) Select "Washington, D.C."
4) Click on "Next Step" and fill out the application. The bottom of the application will show a $0 sign up fee and $0 1st year membership fee.

After your first year, a $35 membership fee will be charged on the date of your one year anniversary if you wish to continue being a member of Flexcar.

Photo credit: Flexcar! originally uploaded by SueBanks.


Mari said...

Flexcar hearts northern and western Shaw. Long time ago there were Flexcars at RI and NJ and over by the Mt. Vernon Sq. metro. But they went away. I miss them.

Shaw Rez said...

ewh--I'm sorry! Flexcar's presence at the Shaw/Howard metro makes it better for Shaw, though their cars are by no means abundant in our fair neighborhood.

West of 9th Street gets lots of love in the buisness of car sharing . . .