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Friday, December 29, 2006

What Might 2007 Hold? A List of Hopeful Predictions. . .

Here are my--admittedly hopeful, though not utterly unrealistic--predictions for what 2007 holds for our neighborhood.

1. Permit approval of and groundbreaking on the O Street Market.

2. Final property acquisition for and permit approval of the Convention Center Hotel.

3. Designation of a neighborhood dog park (or two).

4. DC Auditor’s disapproval of 12/6/06 ANC 2C allocation of $3,000 to the ECCA.

5. Criminal indictments issued based on a finding of ANC 2C financial malfeasance.

6. All church owned vacant/abandoned properties in the neighborhood reassessed to reflect higher tax values, thereby making the churches pay higher taxes for holding these properties (yes, unlike church buildings or parking lots, churches have to pay taxes on their vacant properties).

7. Actual tangible progress on the plans for the building of the Carter G. Woodson museum and the C.G.W. memorial park.

8. Thriving success of the soon-to-open restaurants in the Convention Center (the sushi/Mongolian place and the brewery), prompting other businesses to follow.

9. Additional retail and restaurant spaces filled along the 7th and 9th Street corridors.

10. Lower crime through neighborhood watches, additional police presence and better communications with the police.

11. Opening of The Exchange at 9th and N.

12. Sale of the the building at 9th and Rhode Island to Abdo, and Abdo’s application for permits to commence rehabilitation of the property (I mean, they were interested once, why can’t they be interested again?)

13. Liquor license approval for Vegetate and Queen of Sheba.

14. Walnut Street Development’s application for ANC approval of its Flats at Blagden Alley and its 1212 9th Street developments.

15. Lease signing of one more bar on 9th Street in the Vegetate or Be Bar blocks.

Any other (hopeful though they may be) predictions?

PHOTO SOURCE: Internet Sacred Text Archive, available here.


Ray said...

I spoke with the Park Service lat Thursday about the vagrants and trash around the three Woodson Properties. Do not expect to see any action the museum in our lifetimes, which they are still "studying." Funds have yet to be allocated to renovate and build the museum. The Park Service can't afford to keep the Comfort Stations running in the current National Parks.

Anonymous said...

I thought Walnut Street's 9th and M streets project was slated to break ground this month? Are there still steps that need to be taken for this to happen??

Shaw Rez said...

When I contacted Walnut Street Development recently to find out the delivery schedule for the 9th and M Building, I was told that WSD is still formulating plans and that a delivery schedule for that project is not yet available. I read an article recently about the cooling of the condo market. The article specifically discussed the cancellation of another Walnut Street Development project in Southeast (or was it Southwest? I can't recall) prompted by the cooling market. It sounds like 9th and M hasn't been cut altogether, but I think they're being very cautious in proceeding.

As I'm new to the area, I might be wrong in assuming that ANC approval, any zoning changes, construction permitting, and any other prerequisites to construction haven't already occurred.

I posit that the ground breaking is not imminent due to the above considerations.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, thanks for the update. I read on the DC Mud blog update a while ago that the building had been converted to apartments because of the cooling condo market. Thanks for the info! Hope they start soon...

Shaw Rez said...

I think they're weighing their options. It sounds like apartments (instead of condos) are a possibility.

Unfortunately I was left with the impression that the other WSD project (the one on 9th Street) may scrap the residential portion altogether (so no condos OR apartments).

They're being cautious, which is wise for them. But I think once the market picks up as it is sure to do again, these properties are poised for great success given their proximity to downtown and to the metro. Not to mention the fact that WSD's conceptual drawings of these buildings are BEAUTIFUL.