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Monday, December 04, 2006

Progress on The Exchange Resumes

I received a tip today that construction on The Exchange appears to have resumed: the site is buzzing with workers, tractors are moving dirt and the lights are back on in the construction trailer. All are good signs that The Exchange will indeed be constructed (though probably not with a Fall 2006 completion date as advertised last year. . . ).

When completed, The Exchange will be a mixed-use (retail/office/residential) development at 1301-1309 9th Street. The project will incorporate the facades of some of Shaw’s oldest buildings. The location of this project—-across from the convention center and at a major intersection in the Shaw neighborhood-—makes it a key development project in Shaw.

Ground breaking occurred last December after over two years of zoning and historic preservation approvals. Demolition of just about everything but the buildings’ facades was completed before construction came to a halt earlier this year. Speculation about what brought the project to a halt abounds. Today’s activity on the site puts aside fears that the development would never proceed.

PHOTO CREDIT: Douglas Development Corporation


Anonymous said...

The Douglas Development website indicates that the Exchange (retail part) is already 53% leased. It would be interesting to find out who the tenant is!

Great blog, BTW!!! :)

ML said...

This is great news. Why just this morning I was muttering to myself about the lack of progress in recent memory on this one, as I walked by with the smell-hound.

Shaw Rez said...

UPDATE: The site was devoid of all signs of life yesterday, so Monday might have been just a tease. . . I'm going to research and report back in a separate post.