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Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Friday

The weekend is so close I can taste it. Looking for a great way to start things off? Options abound in Shaw. Here are a few suggestions:

1. DC9's Liberation Party - Shaw's edgy own DC9 hosts its weekly Liberation Dance Party, where Djs spin a mix of rock, electronic and hip-hop music and music videos, tonight. Their "Minister of Sauce" Shannon Stewart performs tonight. Music begins at 9:00, with $2 Yuengling Lager and no cover until 10:00.

2. Gay in Shaw Happy Hour - it might not be too late, and there might still be space to attend, the Gay in Shaw--though open to neighbors and straight friends--Happy Hour. Check out details from host Daddy Five Oh at Fifth and Oh.

3. Dinner in Little Ethiopia - Well there's nothing specific to report going on in this 9th and U area tonight, but why not kick off the weekend with an inexpensive and delicious feast from Etete. Etete offers a great atmosphere, authentic Ethiopian music, and friendly service. Just don't expect to find any utensils on your table: injera is all you need to enjoy this feast.

PHOTO CREDIT: Friday, New Line Cinema, 1995.


Ray said...

One of the secret gastronomic treasures in our historic slum is the Catania Bakery on North Capitol Street, about halfway down the block (turn right) from P Street near the entrance to the New York Avenue underpass. They have a little fence around the building to keep the drunks out, but inside you will find the most lovely French folk who, on Saturday, make delicious home-made croissants and other baked sweets (the home-make biscotti make great gifts) along with their staple, crusty Italo-French bread. If you get there early you can get a hot loaf fresh from the oven, which one neighbor has described as being better (and safer) than sex. Catania is one of the reasons I have stayed so long in da 'hood.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are shining the spotlight on Shaw. I'm all for it. Please consider renaming your blog- as to why you want to call Shaw a historic slum is beyond me.

Shaw has been many things, but not a slum. Thank you.

Shaw Rez said...

Ray - thanks for the heads-up! I'll check out Catania Bakery and report back... Is this Catania as in the Councilman?

Anon - thanks for the input. I'm actually contemplating a name change; look for a post about it soon.

Ray said...

Catania is a town in Sicily renown for its bread. The original owners were from there and their bread was yeasty and dense and not as light as the current Frenchified product. Old timers used to wait for the old man, who lived upstairs until recently, made limited batches and sold them to his paisani.

Mr Catania, the pol, would not deign to step foot in our blighted slum except perhaps to check out the merchandise in BeBar. But that's another story...