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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ledroit House Might be Saved

The fatal car crash into a rowhouse on Florida is not hot off the press news. Two people were killed and a row house at 6th and Florida was damaged Sunday night.

I spoke with a friend of the owner of the rowhouse last night who states that the house will not have to be torn down afterall. Apparently despite the extensive damage to the front of the house and despite reports that D.C. officials ordered it torn down, the house will be saved. Hopefully saving it means replicating the beautiful historic facade.

PHOTO CREDIT: InShaw took the photo; I'm still figuring out how to give credit in photo captions, and am also in the process of uploading my own, original photos...


si said...

That would be wonderful! please keep us posted if you hear anything else.

Mari said...

Just credit InShaw or Mari.