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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


An anonymous commenter just gave word that a law passed yesterday allowing Vegetate to serve alcohol!!! If this is, indeed, true, this is AWESOME news for our neighborhood in that it will undoubtedly help Vegetate survive. Hopefully the law will not be limited to Vegetate, so others might be enticed to set up shop in our neighborhood.

I've done no research into this yet to verify the comment's accuracy or to find out when Vegetate will start serving. Does anyone have any further info? What does the law provide--are other spaces on 9th going to benefit from the law??

UPDATE: Thanks, Anon! Anon directed me to the Life in Mount Vernon Square blog, which relayed the story from today's Post:

In other action, the council approved an emergency bill that allows exceptions for businesses that are within 400 feet of a school, college or District-operated recreation area applying for liquor licenses. D.C. law prohibits such proximity, but the bill will allow exceptions for businesses in commercial areas.

Surely 9th between O and P is considered a "commercial area" and this bill will let Vegetate serve alcohol, as contemplated by the Mount Vernon Square Blog. Hopefully now other great restaurants will now open in our neighborhood.


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