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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Carter Woodson Memorial "Park," For Lack of a Better Word

There's a little triangle of land between 9th, Rhode Island, and Q Streets that, as far as I can tell, the D.C. City Council named the Carter G. Woodson Memorial Park in 2001. The land has some iron fencing and some trees and is partially paved. It is a far cry from an asset to the neighborhood in its present state, and is hardly a "park." Does anyone know of present plans for the space or of any past attempts to advance the park?

I think the park could be improved with relatively little investment: removing the asphalt and possibly extending the fence around the entire park. I think the space could make a neat small dog park, a community garden of some sort, or just a pleasant green space in the city. Anyone else have ideas for this space?


si said...

A nice little grove of crepe myrtles would rock!

Shaw Rez said...

Crepe myrtles really are nice, and--from what I understand--fairly inexpensive.

Any clue on whether what red tape we'd have to jump through to fix up the park?

si said...

Years of dealing with DPR. we cant even get lights! to our west it takes lots of people with time & money to spare & form a "friends of" group.

Shaw Rez said...

An update article will follow within the next week, but I've found that there are indeed plans for this litttle park.

This was discovered through reading a great in-depth blog on D.C.'s triangle parks: