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Sunday, November 12, 2006

9th Thirty Club

Allow myself to introduce . . . myself. I recently turned 30 and just bought a home on 9th Street Northwest in Washington, D.C. I figured I'd start blogging on my surroundings to fill in some of the the gaps left by--or perhaps replicate the efforts of--others blogging on my new neighborhood, Shaw.

This blog will be focused on development of all kinds in Shaw, particularly on the "main streets" of 7th and 9th. I'm fascinated by urban renewal, by good archictecture (new and old), by development, and by diverse and authentic neighborhoods. I hope this blog will be an informative resource regarding changes in Shaw. As I intend to be an active and contributing member of the neighborhood, I intend to document successes and frustrations encountered in advancing our neighborhood into becoming all it can be--diverse, safe, clean, and beautiful. I will also try to use this as a forum to put pressure on irresponsible owners of buildings in our neighborhood through spotlighting decaying structures and indicating the owners thereof.

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bloomingdale blog guy said...

i look forward to reading this. i'll link to you as soon as i get a new computer....