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Monday, November 13, 2006

Awaiting the O Street Market

I cannot wait for the O Street Market to be reborn and for the block of 9th between O and P to be redeveloped. I look less forward to dealing with the construction, without a grocer within a stone's throw, and with the inevitable infighting and beurocratic headaches before the breaking of ground. . .

In October Fifth and Oh reported on the anticipated development as presented at a Shaw Main Streets meeting. Of note, a new Giant will be built that incorporates parts of the O Street Market's facade and an underground parking structure, 8th Street will be restored as a thru-street, and small retail spaces along O Street and townhouse-type commercial properties along 9th will be built. Additionally, high rise residential buildings with entrances on P Street will be built (I would love to see the site plan, as I can't figure out where these buildings will fit--perhaps spanning the newly opened 8th street?). The current Giant will have to close during construction, which will undoubtedly cause some hardships to locals. Earliest estimated completion date seems to be in 2010.

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Mari said...

I'm not too hopeful as I remember chatter and presentations about a new and improved Giant several years ago. And if you look at the website the Kennedy Rec Center is "Under Construction" and the O St Market has current retail. Those plans are old and recycled and not updated, so I'm not going to hold my breath. I'll believe it when the Giant closes and there are heavy machines breaking up the pavement.