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Monday, November 20, 2006

Carter G. Woodson "Park," Part Deux

Earlier this month I posted about the Carter G. Woodson Park, a little triangle of land formed by Rhode Island Avenue, 9th Street and Q Street.

Carter G. Woodson Park
Originally uploaded by DC Rob.

Through further investigation on the subject, I found an informative article (with pictures!) by The Goodspeed Update about D.C.'s triangular parks.

Notably, Goodspeed reported on plans announced last February for the land to be madeover into a park. The park will be designed by the architecture firm Lee and Associates, Inc., leaders of the design/build team constructing the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial and several other notable outdoor spaces around town. The Park will include a sculpture of Dr. Woodson by the artist Raymond Kaskey. It is exciting to know that such noteworthy names have been engaged to collaborate on this potential asset to our community.

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Shaw Rez said...

I should have also added to this entry that, although I would love for this to be an active, engaging community park, due to its size and location between several busy(ish) streets, I would settle for it being just a beautiful space by which I walk.